Blog ImageNå jeg fortæller om mine fremtidsplaner til andre, møder jeg en del forskellige reaktioner. Rigtig mange synes det er fedt at nogen “tør” tage på langtur på cykel i fremmede lande. Andre kan overhoved ikke sætte sig ind i det, og mener at det er det galskab!. Det er jo farligt derude i den store verden!!!

Jeg forsøger så godt jeg kan at forklare at verden ligger lige henne om hjørnet og beder om at blive besøgt. Er der noget så herligt som at rejse ud og besøge ander folkeslag, og få be- eller afkræftet en hel masse fordomme? smiley

Jeg har en ide om at hvis vi alle besøgte hinanden rundt om i verden noget mere, ville der ikke være så meget krig og nød…

Men tilbage til cyklingen….. Hvorfor cykler jeg? Jeg kunne her sætte mig til at skrive en masse grunde ned, men det er allerede gjort af en amerikaner. Jeg har tilladt mig at kopiere teksten, og bringer den her på siden.

Here we go:

Forecast Reasoning: Why riding tickles my fancy.

Why in general.

There are times when many logical reasons come to mind and times when nothing but the feeling of being free comes to my mind for doing a tour. I ride to live. In terms of personal time for thought, each day in the saddle equals at least a week of normal living when I am not touring. I accomplish great change within myself when I ride because I have time to think through my ideas and reflect upon my thoughts and previous actions. I have time to break down myself and see what is there because I have no continuous daily influences from my environment and no people with expectations based on previous behavior.

I ride for the physical and emotional challenges presented to me on a daily basis. There is nothing like maintaining a level of physical fitness like that which I achieve by pedaling a load up to 100 miles a day under the wonderful sky or breaking down and crying in the middle of nowhere because I am exhausted and having a difficult day.

I ride to prove to myself that I can do whatever I want in life if I want it badly enough and plan properly to attain the goal. It is hard to believe that we cyclo-tourists (on crazyguy) are not the majority. Every time I log on to this website I feel like I am living in a world full of bicycle tourist but I don’t know of another serious tourist living in the Tyler area and that realization is a little shocking to me at times.

I ride to prove to myself that people are inherently good, something that I first began to learn during my time in the Air Force, but that was fully ingrained in my mind on my first bicycle tour last summer. I did not begin life believing in the good in people but I do now.

I ride because I want to move away from the accepted norms of American society. I love to see and hear the dumbfoundedness of people when I tell them about what I do. Welcome to my world, folks, it is a lot crazier than even I know but I aim to learn as much about it as possible. I am beginning to think that many Americans think that we are the only people on this earth, not because they are bad, just because they have not been anywhere else (among a plethora of other reasons). This touring is a stepping process for me. Each time I go, I plan to experience new places, new people, new ideas, and new thoughts. Next summer, for example, I hope to tour Europe for two or three months and learn about the culture and wisdom of its people. In my opinion, the riding is a springboard to bigger accomplishments in life, I just have to find a greater purpose before I can move on to those bigger things.

I ride to bring myself closer to the raw physical environment and closer to what I feel is the essence of being human. Yeah, I know I could do other things way more extreme that would bring me down to Earth real fast and I am certain that I will get to them in time, my mind is just not there yet. I love being outside all day and feeling the changes of the day and the changes of the terrain.

Touring gives me a feeling of freedom like nothing else. One day I will try long distance kayaking and long distance sailing and see what that does for me. For the time being though, it is cycling, and I love it. I hope this feeling lasts forever.


Så nu ved i det smiley